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Simplified Medical Coding Implementation

Key Steps In Our Process

At Nym, we realize how important an organized, transparent implementation process is for the successful adoption of new healthcare software. A history of frustrating implementations with past technologies, such as computer-assisted coding (CAC), has made healthcare organizations understandably cautious when considering new solutions. 

To ensure that you know what to expect when implementing Nym’s medical coding engine, we’ve created a detailed description of the full implementation process, from pre-kickoff to go-live. Throughout the process, you’ll work with a dedicated Customer Success Leader and Technical Integration Specialist, who will guide your team through each step.


Data Collection

During the pre-kickoff phase, Nym will collect any coding-related customer data and information that is needed to correctly configure the engine. The goals in this phase are two-fold:

  • Collect all requirements for engine customization, including site or payer-specific guidelines and SOPs, to enable the engine to replicate your current coding practices.
  • Collect a set of historical charts representing recent encounters from in-scope facilities, as well as the associated coding data for those charts. This information is used to configure the engine to the health system’s specific chart format. Additionally, the information is used to check the accuracy of the engine customization throughout the implementation process to ensure it produces results that align to your coding practices.

Phase 1


The first phase of implementation with Nym is focused on discovery. Nym will review all documentation received in the Pre-Kickoff phase as well as arrange a series of activities and discussions to ensure that we have a complete understanding of your coding practices and engine customization requirements. This will culminate in an audit, with Nym’s team manually coding a set of charts and asking for your feedback, as a final check before engine configuration begins.

During this phase, we will also work with the technical team to design the full production flow. We’ll share examples of how we’ve set up the integration with other clients, and work with you to customize the flow based on your systems and operations. The workflow will be designed to ensure that we meet our 12-hour turnaround time (TAT) commitment.

Phase 2

Build and Configuration

The second phase of implementation with Nym is focused on the configuration and integration of Nym’s medical coding engine. During this phase, Nym configures the engine according to the customer’s coding practices and other requirements defined during the discovery phase. Nym will use the historical charts provided to test the configuration and ensure that it is producing the intended results.

During the configuration and integration phase, the technical teams will build the technical integration as designed during the discovery phase.

Phase 3

User Acceptance Testing

The third phase of implementation with Nym is focused on user acceptance testing (UAT). The customer begins sending Nym its daily discharge medical records from each in-scope facility, which then get coded by the Nym engine. Before being sent back to the customer, a random subset of medical records coded by the Nym engine is audited by Nym’s auditing team, with the goal of identifying and remedying any critical errors and compliance issues.

During this phase, the technical integration is also tested to ensure it works as intended.

Once all go-live criteria have been met, including reaching 95%+ accuracy (based on the UAT audit) as well as 12 hour turnaround time (as defined during the technical integration), we will jointly identify a go-live date.


Fully Automated Coding

After phase three is complete and the service start date begins, Nym’s medical engine is working full time, automating coding for the customer. Nym and the customer will regularly evaluate coding accuracy of Nym-coded charts to ensure that they continuously meet or exceed a 95% accuracy threshold overall. Once live, Nym expects to automatically code 50%-70% of complete records with no human intervention (specific coverage varies per specialty).

What to Expect After Go-Live

Unlike many other automated coding solutions, Nym’s engine fits seamlessly into existing coder workflows and requires zero human intervention once live. Having successfully met all customer-specific guidelines and performance metrics, Nym’s engine sends medical records directly to bill without ever requiring validation from human coders.

While Nym maintains contact with a point person on the customer’s team for rare troubleshooting needs, there is no regular support needed from the customer for daily production. Additionally, Nym’s team meets with the customer on a regular basis to provide updates on coding performance and to discuss additional customer needs, including adding new specialties and facilities.

Who's Involved?

A smooth implementation process requires specific resources from the customer, and none are more important than the people. Below are the people and teams on the customer side whose involvement is vital to ensuring successful implementation of Nym’s medical coding engine.

Project Champion

Coding Lead

Technical Project Manager

Technical Team

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