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Medical coding simplified

Nym powers automation in revenue cycle management, instantly transforming clinical language into actionable information that brings greater accuracy and efficiency to medical billing.


Improve coding accuracy

Accelerate denial handling

Maximize audit readiness

Reduce A/R time

Cut down operational costs

Assure continuous compliance

Nym’s engine deciphers clinical language in patient charts and assigns accurate, compliant ICD-10 and CPT medical charge codes in seconds and with zero human intervention. By unlocking vital data and evidence buried within medical records, Nym enables healthcare providers to get paid more quickly and correctly while reducing the time and cost associated with medical coding and billing. This ultimately ensures clinical and administrative teams can spend more time focused on patient care.

Accurate. Explainable. Compliant.

As new coding guidelines are released, Nym’s engine is automatically updated. It also generates audit-ready, traceable documentation that can be used in the event of an appeal or denial, providing hospitals and health systems with total visibility into how Nym’s engine assigns charge codes.

Clinical Language Understanding Technology

An entirely new way of analyzing and translating medical records into clear, concise and actionable information

Serving leading US hospitals, health systems, and revenue cycle management service providers

"We are focused on continuous improvement and driving excellence and efficiency across all our operations, so we are always looking for technology to support these efforts. Nym’s coding engine has allowed us to automate revenue cycle management across all of our urgent care locations with outstanding accuracy and coverage of over 75 percent."
Dr. Rahul Khare
CEO and Founder, Innovative Care
“We’re focused on simplifying complexity and building the capacity and scalability to meet future needs, such as those associated with resourcing, dynamic workflows and rapidly growing visit volumes across the continuum of care. Automating coding for medical billing in Ochsner’s emergency departments is a key component of this effort, and we’re looking forward to working with Nym to continuously improve our operations.”
Vicki Kaplan
Vice President, Coding and HIM, Ochsner Health
"Nym makes it possible to instantly understand and translate clinical language into accurate and compliant medical billing codes. These capabilities are transformative, so we’re very excited to be the first children’s hospital in the state to be partnering with Nym for this."
Bridgett Feagin
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Connecticut Children's
“What previously took Geisinger days and teams of people to achieve is now, thanks to the Nym platform, fully automated with unprecedented accuracy in just seconds.”
Kevin Roberts
EVP & CFO, Geisinger
“Nym is very consistent, it doesn’t look at the charts differently from day to day. It doesn’t have a good day, it doesn’t have a bad day, so we’ve been successfully able to maintain our KPIs with the Nym engine.”
Brenda Erley
Director, Operations for Coding & Patient Access, Strivant Health

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Wednesday, December 7, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (EST)

Join us for part two of Nym’s E&M 2023 webinar series as we review the recently released 2023 Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) Final Rule and discuss best practices you can follow to ensure a smooth transition for your revenue cycle staff.

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