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The next
of clinical coding

Nym transforms revenue cycle management with direct-to-billing autonomous coding that reduces denials and operational expenses, accelerates payment-cycles and maximizes audit-readiness.


Improve coding accuracy

Accelerate denial handling

Maximize audit readiness

Reduce A/R time

Cut down operational costs

Assure continuous compliance

Nym automatically identifies and captures every clinical aspect of a chart, understands what is relevant as well as what is the most accurate code to use. Nym assigns codes only for charts it fully understands – unhandled charts are returned for human coding.

Auto-Coding that explains its rationale

After a chart has been coded, Nym’s audit-trail view provides a clear explanation of the system’s reasoning behind its decision to assign a specific code. This allows for a quick understanding of the audit trail for validation, compliance and appeals’ basis.

Serving leading US healthcare providers and RCM companies

“We’re focused on simplifying complexity and building the capacity and scalability to meet future needs, such as those associated with resourcing, dynamic workflows and rapidly growing visit volumes across the continuum of care. Automating coding for medical billing in Ochsner’s emergency departments is a key component of this effort, and we’re looking forward to working with Nym to continuously improve our operations.”
Vicki Kaplan
Vice President, Coding and HIM, Ochsner Health
"Nym makes it possible to instantly understand and translate clinical language into accurate and compliant medical billing codes. These capabilities are transformative, so we’re very excited to be the first children’s hospital in the state to be partnering with Nym for this."
Bridgett Feagin
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Connecticut Children's
“What previously took Geisinger days and teams of people to achieve is now, thanks to the Nym platform, fully automated with unprecedented accuracy in just seconds.”
Kevin Roberts
EVP & CFO, Geisinger
“Nym is very consistent, it doesn’t look at the charts differently from day to day. It doesn’t have a good day, it doesn’t have a bad day, so we’ve been successfully able to maintain our KPIs with the Nym engine.”
Brenda Erley
Director, Operations for Coding & Patient Access, Strivant Health


Track, trend and gain insights to coding statistics.
Get better understanding into your auto coding performance.

Clinical Language Understanding.
The technology behind autonomous coding.

Nym has innovated a new form of Natural Language Understanding perfectly suited for clinical coding.
Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) is the exciting technology that enables fully automated coding with zero human intervention.

CLU uses computational linguistics that enables it to successfully code charts. It provides codes and a clear audit-trail that explains the rationale behind the coding or flags charts for a coding specialist.

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