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Why Nym

Fully autonomous coding

Nym is NOT an assistant – it automatically codes charts it fully understands, with no human involvement. 

Better-than-coder accuracy

Nym’s CLU engine captures all clinical aspects of a chart with unmatched accuracy that helps prevent missed or reduced coding, maximizing revenue per chart.


Each chart goes through an automated multi-step linguistic, narrative and clinical validation to make sure nym fully understands the chart and is confident with the coding. Charts that are not fully validated are flagged and returned for human coders.

Full audit trail for compliance

Each successfully coded and validated chart is complemented with an audit trail that enables on-demand auditing for validation, compliance and appeals’ basis.

Autonomous Coding is NOT Computer Assisted Coding (CAC)

Autonomous Coding
(CLU based)

  • Requires zero human intervention to code charts
  • No human training required
  • Needs only physician notes
  • Provides a full coding audit trail
  • Flexible and scalable

Computer Assisted Coding

  • Designed to help human coders with their work
  • Requires special training for staff
  • Needs additional structured data from physicians
  • Offers none to little help in understanding why the chart was coded the way it was
  • Does not alleviate coding scalability constraints

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