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Autonomous coding

Autonomous Coding

Nym’s engine codes charts with zero human intervention. Unlike computer-assisted coding (CAC), Nym’s engine is fully automated and unlike other artificial intelligence (AI) medical coding solutions, it understands unstructured physician language and fully explains its coding rationale.

For each chart it fully understands, Nym’s engine instantly and accurately assigns ICD-10 and CPT codes for billing – unhandled charts are flagged for human coders.

Nym fits seamlessly into coding workflow

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Audit trails

Nym’s engine produces audit-ready, traceable documentation for every code it generates, ensuring total visibility into why each code was assigned. This allows for a quick understanding of the audit trail for validation, compliance and appeals’ basis.


Customized dashboards that provide real-time insights into coding performance

Seamless integration

Nym’s engine is autonomous and transparent. It layers on top of the existing enterprise IT stack and integrates into the normal flow of revenue cycle management without change or interruption. 


We treat the security of chart data with the highest standards. Nym’s security-first approach harnesses the best and most updated technologies to make sure that data stays safe and private at every step of the process. Nym is SOC 2 Type II certified, demonstrating that we have achieved industry-defined security requirements around proper data and privacy protections, as assessed by an independent third-party agency.

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