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Autonomous Coding

Nym codes charts with no human intervention.  Unlike CAC, it is fully automatic and unlike other AI solutions, it understands unstructured physician language and can explain its coding rationale.

For each chart Nym fully understands, it assigns ICD10 and CPT codes for billing. Otherwise charts are flagged for human handling and placed it in the coders’ queue. 

Auto-Coding audit trail

For charts that have been coded, Nym’s audit-trail view provides a clear explanation of the reasoning behind the decision to assign a specific code. This allows for a quick understanding of the audit trail for validation, compliance and appeals’ basis.


Track, trend and gain data-driven insights to the charts coded by nym.
Get better understanding into your auto coding performance.

Seamless integration

Nym is autonomous and transparent. It layers on top of the existing enterprise IT stack and integrates into the normal flow of revenue cycle management without change or interruption. 


We treat the security of chart data with the highest standards. Nym’s security-first approach harnesses the best and most updated technologies to make sure that data stays safe and private at every step of the process. Our service undergoes rigorous audits and employs the latest best practices to ensure the integrity of your data as well as confidentiality, security and compliance.

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